Buffet Menu (Roasts)

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Design your own Buffet Menu from our large selection ABOVE: Boned and Rolled 25 kg pork.(Can be done in smaller sizes)

Succulent Roasts

Yearling Grade Beef
Boned and Rolled Timberhill Pork
Fresh Herb Basted Lamb
Marinated Chicken Pieces
Baked glazed Champagne Ham
Succulent Turkey Breast
Moist Oven Baked Seasoned Chicken Breast

Choose any TWO meats for your Buffet Menu (Free Range options available)


Side Dishes:
Roast Potatoes
Roast Pumpkin
Cauliflower Cheese
Baby Beans in Tomatoe, cumin and Garlic
Steamed Mixed Vegetables (freshly cut)
Herbed Potato Bake
Vegan mac & Cheese
Savoury Tomatoe Pasta Bake
Mild Chicken Curry & Rice
Beef Vindaloo & Rice
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
Cheese or Chicken Tortellini in Napoletana Sauce


Choose any 3 Side Dishes
for your Buffet Menu

Fresh Salads
Greek with Fetta Vinaigrette
Savoury Rice
Potato Salad
Garden Salad with Balsamic Glaze
Broccoli & Walnut
Pasta with Mild Curry Dressing
Four Bean Mix, Red Onion, Cherry Toms and Balsamic
Traditional Coleslaw
Choose any 3 Salads.

From $28.50 per person (inc GST)  
What do I get?
Any 2 meats
Any 3 side dishes
Any 3 salads
Gravy, dinner rolls, butter portions, apple sauce, mustards, mint jelly,
salt & pepper are included in all buffets.
Also, heavy duty plastic plates, napkin wrapped stainless steel knives and forks

Our Buffet Menu includes 2 Staff Members, Traveling Time and Setting Up, however functions in excess of 60 guests, a third staff member will be required at a fee of $120.00.
There are no hidden charges.

Top Quality Food & First Class Service Guaranteed

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